periodontal program

Everyone on the dental team makes sure they have good periodontal health themselves and they understand the benefits of a successful periodontal program for both the practice and their patients’ health.

The probing scores are read out loud to the patient as the hygienist is checking for gum infection on the brushing surfaces. Next, gum infection is checked on the flossing surfaces. The numbers 1 to 3 indicate healthy scores, while anything over 3 might be a sign of infection.  The hygienist is then able to recommend a case type to the dentist.

The dentist makes the diagnosis, and the dental assistant explains in detail the importance of the diagnosed case type and the need for future perio appointments or if necessary and referral to a periodontist.

The front desk takes over and reviews with the patient their treatment planned perio program presenting the fees along with the patient’s estimated insurance portion and the number of visits required for the treatment.